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Quick Power-packed Breakfast

Courtesy of Praisaeng at

Courtesy of Praisaeng at

A lot of people do not have time for breakfast anymore. This is true especially for those who usually work even in the evening and have little time for rest. What happens is that you maximize your time in bed and wake up, prepare for work, and leave. Most often, you are a buzzer beater and a slight delay will cause you to be late. In such scenarios, breakfast is usually skipped and replaced by some snacks or skipped altogether. This should not be the case as breakfast is perhaps the most important meal of the day. From your breakfast, you will get the vitamins and nutrients that your body will use throughout the day. Your breakfast has a lot of say on how your day ahead will be like.

Eggs and Toasts

This is a classic breakfast for people who need all the energy that they can get for the tasks that await them. This is very easy to prepare. You can choose how you prepare the eggs, so it all depends on your preferences. You can fry it, poach it, or boil it. Wrap the eggs between your toasts and wrap the sandwich with aluminum foil. This will keep the sandwich warm until you eat it. Eggs have a lot of health benefits and these include being a great source of protein and everybody knows that more protein means more energy. For variety, you can also add some low-fat cottage cheese.

Power Smoothie

Smoothies play a great role for people who want to have a healthy lifestyle. These are easy to prepare and are very tasty too! It is popular especially for those who are on a raw food diet. So, if you believe that cooking fruits and vegetables causes these to lose its nutrients, you should have a smoothie! A power smoothie is very easy to prepare. Just pick a fresh, canned, or frozen fruit. Add some liquid. It can be cow’s milk, goat’s milk, rice meat, almond milk, or soy milk. It can also be fruit juice or just plain water. Add sources of protein like yogurt, nut butters, chia seeds, nuts, flaxseed, or tofu. Blend and have the energy that you need in a bottle, ready for consumption anytime!

Breakfast Taco

It’s never too early for a taco! Just scramble one or two eggs, add salsa on top of the eggs, add some cheese, and place these in a whole-grain tortilla or in a corn taco shell. While eggs provide the protein that you need, salsa provides the antioxidants from tomatoes, peppers, and onions. The salsa also adds the delicious flavor to your breakfast taco.

PB and B

Although there’s nothing wrong with the good old PB&J, a healthier version emerged and it’s the Peanut Butter Banana sandwich. If you’re still a kid at heart, you will surely love it! It is prepared just like how PB&J is except you have to replace the jelly with sliced bananas. With the protein from the peanut butter and the fiber from the banana, you will have what you need for the day ahead.

What Can A Simple Smile Do For Your Health?

It is often said that small things done really well have a great impact. The tendency for most of us is to do everything in a big way – a big house, a big car, and a big job. There is little appreciation for the small and seemingly insignificant things in life.

Oftentimes, this is one of the contributing factors to people’s health these days. Much of our body is a collaboration of all the small cells that make up the grand unit. There hardly exists any functional unit, whether living or non-living that does not boil down to a minute component. Be it a screw on a door hinge, a wire in a circuit box or even a slice of onion in a gourmet meal, it all boils down to the little things in life.

All this tends to put things into perspective; the probable reasons that many walk around ailing physically, emotionally and even psychologically all because we have stayed away from the defining principle of life.

It is often the small and overlooked things whose absence will be felt at the most unexpected of times; in fact, we often do not realize the value of it until we at some point down the road note that it is missing. The small anchor stops that big boat, the little baby turns the routine of the home upside down and the ignition key sets the car in motion. Undoubtedly, it follows that our bodies may very well operate in the same way. There could very well be a small part of who we are that makes a world of difference. We see it every day; hardly give it a second thought, yet in responding to it, we are changed tremendously. None is poorer for giving it, yet we are all made richer for it!

Nothing may be as costly, priceless yet beneficial to the human body as a smile. Oftentimes we hardly practise it, totally denying ourselves the value it gives. So what is it that is so great about a smile?

Prolonged youthfulness

One of the many ways to stay young and feel great is to smile. Wrinkling is one of the natural tendencies to the skin once we begin to age. However, it has been noted that early wrinkling of the facial muscles occurs in people who hardly ever smile! The saying that it takes more muscles to frown that to smile has been in dispute, with the more recent studies stating that it may take more muscles to smile than to frown but in essence, it takes less effort to smile than to frown.

Stabilized emotions

In as much as circumstances in life get the best of us, it has been a common misconception that our emotions are lords of their own, and we their faithful slaves. Nothing could be further than the truth; by simply smiling, one could actually re-programme their body into choosing a different mood. Rather than result to medication, by simply putting on a happy face you could spare yourself quite some trips to the hospital.

Immunity booster

In the quest for the finer things in life, the compromise has often led to stress and stress related illnesses. Part of the compromise has been substituting a joyous countenance with a grim look, an action that further aggravates the body by increasing blood pressure. By simply choosing to smile, one can medically detect a notable decrease in blood pressure.

The drug of choice

There is a shift on the medical scene in which natural treatment is being esteemed to the synthetic medication. It is often thought that drugs come exclusively from plant matter and are then modified scientifically to for the capsular tablets we consume. Interestingly enough, smiling releases certain chemicals in our bodies- serotonin and endorphins, which act as a drug that stimulate us and make us feel better about ourselves and the world at large.

With all these benefits, smiling is clearly the activity to pursue. It communicates holistic wellbeing, even on a psychological and mental level. An individual adorning a smile conveys good cheer, peace, joy but most of all confidence. A smile will cost nothing, give something and gain everything. It is evident that the key to great healthy living is in a simple smile!

Cosmetic Surgery – Pros and Cons

In the modern world we live in we often witness that confidence and even professional successes come hand in hand with the person’s appearance. There are those who would strongly disagree with this statement and would not encourage this “inner self change”. The other, on the other hand, have no second thoughts regarding the benefits related to cosmetic surgery. Freedom of choice is our utmost characteristic and we should all have an opportunity to choose however we should also have in dept information about positive and negative aspects of a cosmetic surgery.

What are the cons of cosmetic surgery?

Health threat

Without any doubt it can be said that we, the humans, are the only cause of any illness and suffering in our lives. Most of the illness is a result of a careless and unhealthy life, but sometimes the treat to our heath can be the result of or wishes and intention. That’s the case with the cosmetic surgery. Given the fact that the cosmetic surgery is like any other surgery, the desirable outcome is not known until the recovery period is over and a recovery process can in some cases be longer than expected. In other words, ideal look that one is seeking is not guaranteed. The most important is that there are other side effects like nerve damage, infection, scaring and chronic pain. Surgeons are manipulating with one’s body completely, changing some parts of the structure or all of it and the body is undertaking swelling, bruising, stiffness and discomfort.

Financial discomfort

Cosmetic surgery is a very expensive procedure and usually is not covered by medical insurance. Considering the recovery period, which can last up to several months, financial losses can be even higher. Beauty has a high price and everyone should be aware of it. There are, on the other hand, cases when insurance compensation is available. Those are usually cosmetic surgeries used to repair birth defects or a reconstructive surgery after an accident.

Personal dissatisfaction

Those who decide to undergo a cosmetic surgery may or may not be satisfied and happy with the final income. Another surgery cannot repair “the damage” only a mental strength can therefore those who wish to reshape their body should be prepared to face the results of it. In order to avoid this one should always have an in depth conversation and consultations with his doctor.

What are the pros of cosmetic surgery?

Health benefits

For those who have health problems related to the appearance issues cosmetic surgery can help. For example, the sinus infections can be reduced with the nose surgery. On the other hand, women who suffer excruciating back pain due to the large breasts cosmetic surgery can eliminate or reduce significantly. It is proven that a risk of cancer is lower when a breast tissue is removed with a cosmetic surgery.

Psychological impact

Very few people are satisfied with their personal appearance and many other are not. Due to their dissatisfaction they are lacking self-esteem and self-confident which can lead to different levels of depression. Many researchers have shown the strong connection between social and professional life and personal appearance. Attractive people attract more attention and they are recognized as accomplished in every life aspect: social, professional, sexual. The cosmetic surgery can redefine the self image and present a key to life transformation.

Cosmetic surgery treatments are very popular, with all its positive and negative impact and everybody has a freedom of choice but should be informed well before they decide.

Article inspired by:
American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS)