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Getting Through the Problem of Acne

When you’ve got a problem with acne, the main questions that might be running around your mind will be what is acne and why is this happening to you! If you’ve never had anything but clear skin since, this time you must know that acne can pop out on your neck, your back, your shoulders and especially to your face. These acne are lesions that signify that your pores or hair follicles have been clogged with dead skin cells or both. When you get acne pimples, it’s no cause for alarm.

The Causes of Acne

In answer to your second question about why acne is popping up all over your face, in which there are three factors that you can look into. One is the overproduction of oil. Another reason would be the buildup of bacteria in your pores. The third reason would be the shedding of dead skin cells.

Apart from these three causes of acne and pimples, there are things or contributing factors that can make it even worse. Hormones are one and you might have noticed that when you’re coming closer to your period, your pimples are coming out. Acne is often the problem that teens have. Once you’re a teen and you’ve got pimples, consider it just part of the regular progression of life – although it can really look nasty at times.

Diet can also intensify acne like if you’re into dairy rich foods and carbs, where you can actually have bigger acne popping out of your skin. Medications can also cause acne to come out so ask your dermatologist before using medications like androgens, corticosteroids and lithium.

When to Take Your Case to a Dermatologist

If you have acne like you’ve never had before and nothing you do is curing it, it might be that you’re taking medications like corticosteroids. If you’re feeling down in the dumps with the condition of your skin, the biggest help that you can get would be from a dermatologist. Bring your case to a reputable dermatologist even if you think that there’s nothing you can do on conditions like peeling, a good doctor can help.

Acne is a regular part of life, especially if you’re going through your teenage years. The best way to deal with it would be to get treatment for it as soon as it arises. It will never get any worse when you have the advice of a skilled doctor about how to treat pimples. From being a pimply faced teen, you’ll have clear, beautiful skin in no time with the right treatment and care.